Aug 9

The Most Boring Race Ever


Edited: Aug 9

Yes, they are incredibly boring. So boring in fact that the majority of the world forgets they exist. They may be so boring that everyone forgets them, but they are definitely not a boring race to play. Of course I am referring to the Borin, a race of stubby, six-armed, four-eyed creatures that the entire Riachtan galaxy seems to forget. Yes they come from a friends fantastically silly idea, yes they are easily forgotten, yes they are canon. Enjoy.

The Borinspdf

They were originally available over on our Patreon and we are happy to now bring them here. They are still a WIP but they are really fun. If you want to get first access to the beta races like this join our Patreon listed below!

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  • To celebrate the release of the Core Rulebook PDFs later today 08-15-2019, we bring you another cannon race: The Altalings! A race of alien creatures capable of genetic shape shifting. Transforming their appearance to the most finite molecule. They've worked their way into every society and will be incredibly fun to play. They also solve the problem of "I don't know what to pick since I want to play every race in Veil of the void." Enjoy :D “I have heard rumors of a race that has worked its way into all of our major systems. A group that we know little about and only a few have seen. As I understand it, they are a shapeshifting race; a group that could be anyone. I’m not sure what this implies about Riachtan, but I fear what could happen should they decide to abuse their powers.” – Excerpt of Filidais To keep up with our future releases, and to gain access before anyone else to the first Beta Tests, join our growing Patreon!