Earth and Space

Veil of the Void: Reforged is the Sci-fi Fantasy Tabletop Roleplaying Game (TTRPG) designed with an emphasis on storytelling, player freedom, character progression, and fun. It focuses on all of this while still giving the Game Master (the one who runs the game) the guides needed to control the chaos.


This Core Rulebook contains everything needed to play Veil of the Void including: 9 original species, 10 unique classes, equipment and vehicles, a massive lore section, 50+ pre-written adversaries, legendary items, a complete history of the universe, and most importantly a dedicated GM’s guide. This guide chapter gives the GM pages upon pages of guides and tips to help build (often referred to as homebrew) whatever they and their players could dream up. No idea is too crazy for this ruleset!


Our motto here is “This is going to be fun” and this rulebook’s ruleset focuses on that idea. Any character, even those that have not worked in other TTRPGs, can be made with our flexible ruleset. Everything inside this book works together in a beautiful chaotic symphony.


Whether you are a newer GM/player looking to start an amazing journey, or are a veteran looking to conquer a whole new universe of possibility, Veil of the Void is made for you!

Veil of the Void Reforged - Hardback

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