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Trever | Author and Designer

The author and mind behind Veil of the Void. I absolutely love this game and the stories it encourages. I have been working on this universe for over 16 years now and the rules themselves for ~4 years. This game has been my lifelong passion and I dedicate the majority of my time to working on it. I have made so many close friends by working on this game, several of which work on the book alongside me. I love this game so much and the fact that it helps create some really fun stories. We have a long road ahead of us with many fun releases ahead!

Noble Grant | Co-Author

Noble Grant is a co-author of Veil of the Void, providing the stories prefacing each of the classes and necessary nitpicking at grammar and wording. Her favorite weapon is her Signo .38 Ultra-Micro Point pen, favorite class is Combat Medic, and favorite race is vanilla Human. More exploring and expanding of the VotV universe are on her horizon. Though she spends most of her time at her desk job on planet Earth, she visits other Realms and realities whenever time permits.

Peter | Lead Artist

Peter has been with the project since the earlier days of the first copies. His talent with art has brought this universe life. He has a unique talent of blending sci-fi and fantasy in such a fantastic way. He uses a painted style which adds a stylish feel to the game. Peter's passion in his work is always seen and his ideas bring so much to the universe itself. You can see more of his absolutely incredible work at the link HERE.

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