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“Anyone can have a good idea, what makes it great is the mountain of failures lifting high the inevitable success.” – OB-3


There are those who understand the nature of Ordic energy, the role in which it plays bringing molecules into form and making sense of the chaotic subatomics. These geniuses know how to bend matter to their whim and make constructs of every shape and size appear out of, almost, thin air. That’s not you though; you are a maverick that, like Edison, takes your idea and wills it into being through trial and error. You build long lasting constructs from the tiniest of microbots with tophats to a towering PL Titan Mech that stomps cities under heel. All it takes is time and planning. You delight in making imagination into reality and letting your creations live out their purpose, for better or worse.


Starting Proficiencies:

Weapons: Archaic Weapons, Energy Weapons, Makeshift Weapons

Armor: Light and Medium Armor

Tools: Crafter’s kit, Harmonic Multitool, Eyeglass scanner, Forge Tools

Leveling HP:

Upon each level up you add 1d6 (or 3) + Vitality to your max HP.


Starting Items:

A.) Harmonic Multitool

B.) Synthetic Medium Armor

C.) Starting SC: 6d6 x 1000

D.) +1 SP to Analysis skill



Scrap – This class uses what we refer to as scrap. Scrap can be found and retrieved many different ways. However, removing metal causes rough ground, or removes health. Each separate mechanics check level gives an additional 100 scrap. Protatypes may use this on themselves however it will slightly reduce their max HP by 10 each time they do so and could cause damaging effects. You can hold up to 1000 times your Vitality in scrap.



Level 1

One Man’s Trash – The Harmonic Multitool is the first dream many have before developing their creative spark. It’s form and name vary from culture to culture, and often from inventor to inventor. It provides a focus for the chaos of a creative mind and absorbs scraps of materials left behind by fallen adversaries, dismantling machines, or from analyzing and disassembling items. As a channel action you can activate one of the many functions of your Multitool.


  • Analyze: This function gives you the abilities of a complete Science Lab for analyzing materials and substances. When determining the identity of a substance or function of an artifact, you roll with an auto success die on your Analysis check.

  • Cleave: Your Multitool does more than just absorb scrap, it is able to break items apart into their base elements. Feed it a shattered door and it will separate the wood from the metal.

  • Harmonize: Your Multitool can process materials absorbed into something better through quantum transmutation. You cannot refine energized fuels or arcane substances, nor items charged with magic. Doing the most basic of transmutations takes at least 1 crafting action with a Hard difficulty. An example of a basic transmutation is turning sand into glass or iron into steel.

  • Fortify: You can make some rough fortifications in a pinch from whatever you have. You start with two builds that can be created as an action. Each one takes 50 scrap to build:

  1. Sphere- A sphere of fused scrap that is big enough for one person. It has 10 HP plus player level and occupies the square the player stands on.

  2. Wall- A 3ft high by 1ft thick wall that is just enough for most races to crouch behind. It has 15 HP plus player level and occupies the edge of one square.


Level 2

Bashkit - You are an expert at taking things apart to see what makes them tick. You are able to make pieces from one device work as something else. Like taking a scope from a sniper and using it in conjunction with the jets from a pair of rocket boots on a Mechromancer’s blade to lock on a target and increase the accuracy of the subsequent attacks.


Level 3

The Wonders of Imagination – The energy of your multitool can be dangerous when raw. As an attack action, you can release a pulse of energy at a single target that has a variety of effects. The Target can make a contested Judgment check against the attack to resist the effect. If successfully resisted, the pulse does 1 point of raw damage.

To determine the effect, roll 1D6.


1 - This raises the armor level of all entities adjacent to the target by one to a maximum of Tough for two rounds and consumes 10 scrap per entity. This pulse causes the ability to have a 1 round cooldown.

2 - This causes the target and everything on them to be bathed in a harmless glowing energy. The target has +2 auto fail die on stealth checks. This pulse causes the ability to have a 2 round cooldown.

3 - This causes the bonds of Arcane energy that passes through the target to polymerize. The result is that any spells originating from the target will return after a successful cast as if they were cast on self. This pulse causes the ability to have a 3 round cooldown.

4 - This flash-fries the target’s connection to the Shadow realm and reduces their Max HP by half while boosting your Max HP by the same amount as well as increasing the size of your shadow. This pulse causes the ability to have a 2 round cooldown.

5 - This emits a puff of pollen on impact that causes native flora to begin erupting from the target’s skin. If the target was a plant based lifeform, they are instead healed for 5 HP and lose all aggression if they are adversaries. This pulse causes the ability to have a 5 round cooldown.

6 - This phases the target’s armor, thus making it see-through, permanently lowers the armor by one level, and gives you 10 scrap. If no armor is worn, the energy burns for 1D6 raw damage. This does not work on Naturium Armor or natural armors like a Topikin’s bark. Using this pulse triggers a safety reset in the multitool and renders it and all abilities that use it inoperable for 1 minute or 6 rounds of combat.


Level 4

Advancement Training – You have learned much about this world in your time training and as such have improved your abilities and skills. When reaching level 4, 7, 11, 14, and 18 you gain 1 VS and 1 Expertise.


Level 5

Specialization – A creator can only be inspired from their experiences, and you have had many so far. Select a specialization that fits your past and path, this Specialization will reward your progress at levels 5, 10, 15, and 20.


Level 6

*Focused Research – You have slowly begun to understand how to more proficiently build and advance your creativity. In doing so, naturally you have turned your study towards a more specific area; this specific area is focused on biomechanical implants, electromechanical gadgets, or big bad bots.


This research may reward you with new abilities at later levels.



Your ability to manipulate the strands of creation can lead to some interesting upgrades for yourself. Research on the implementation of cybernetic implants has also given you +1 SP to the Medicantment skill. When choosing this focus area, select one of the below enhancements (or discuss different ones with your GM.) The first one of each is a stroke of inspiration and costs no scrap. Further replicas can be made through study of the original, acquisition of the parts, and an appropriately difficult crafting check. You gain an additional one at levels 12 & 18.


  • Active Camoflauge: When not in combat you may disable or enable stealth at will (without a check.) Adversaries will only see you on an investigation roll of Hard or above. In combat you may stealth when not within 5 sqs of an adversary.

  • Adaptive Defense Matrix: You have a shield module that can increase your armor level by 1 once embedded. If your armor is already at Tough, then you instead get a shield of 10 Shield Points. If you are already at the max shield points possible, you instead gain a reflective pulse ability. Once every five rounds, you can solidify your shields to direct damage dealt to you back at the attacker.

  • Cybernetic Eye: You are now able to see in darkness, even arcane shadow, as if it were light out of this eye. Your passive observation against stealthing entities is increased to Hard.


Script Kiddy:

You are a wiz when it comes to all things mechanical. You gain +1 bonus level in the Programming skill. When choosing this focus area, you unlock additional functions to the multitool. You may select an additional function to add at levels 12 & 18. Changing functions takes a bonus action and will end the effects of any currently active effects.


  • Recode: You may target an adversary within 6 squares and manipulate their armor’s HUD or communicator memory to replay certain data from their last battle as current input. The adversary then has to perform a Judgement check at an average difficulty. On a failure you may freely move the adversary their full movement in a direction you choose. On a success the adversary rolls with an additional +2 bonus dice against any future manipulations done this way. This may affect the same target once every 4 rounds.

  • Duplicate: As a bonus action, your multitool can copy the appearance of a single weapon. Firing is possible when taking the form of a Calibur weapon or a Bow by releasing one piece of scrap as a projectile. This projectile will deal the damage of the copied weapon. You can shed the duplicate appearance at any time but will need to reacquire it after doing so.

  • Eject: The subatomic particles of Realmic Energy have a multitude of uses if you think about it. You can vent 20 scrap worth of particles when moving. This creates a jet of flame that allows you to move an additional square per batch of 20 scrap. You can also vent into a ship’s fuel line to give it a boost. Vent 6000 scrap and make an average mechanics check to double your ship’s movement speed for one round.



You have always dreamed of one thing, Giant Robots. And with time and practice, you are ready to make that dream a reality. Because of your mastery over the mechanical, add +1 to the Mechanics skill. Additionally, when making checks to build out of combat, you do so with no fail dice. Any assistants you may have while working on items Medium size or larger also roll with no auto fail dice due to your oversight.



You may craft a Mega-Mecha to help assist in combat and out of combat. You spend 5 months outside of combat, if supplies are available, to craft a Mecha of your own design.

Large Vehicles: The knowledge you possess also allows you to create large vehicles and sufficiently sized weapons to boot. It takes a minimum of 8 months to craft a large vehicle such as a small space fighter and 5 days minimum to construct a functional armament.


Level 8

Spark of Genius – Once per day, when you fail a crafting check, you may reroll the failed check using what you have learned from your failure. You gain an additional reroll at level 13 and 20.


Level 9

Amped Your Arsenal - As an action, you can release Realmic Energy into a single weapon within 6 sqs to bring it into its prime state of being. This weapon now does an additional 1D6 of raw damage if it is melee and does not need to be reloaded if it is ranged, so long as it makes consecutive attacks. If it is not used to make an attack on it's wielder’s turn, the effect ends. This can be done once every four hours.


Level 12

Basic Upkeep – During a short breather, you may perform an average Mechanics check on any gear or equipment of medium size or smaller that has suffered damage and, upon success, instantly restore that item to full operation. If the item is a Legendary artifact, the check becomes Tough. This uses 100 scrap per item.


Level 13

Fail-Safe – While you may not always need the red button, it is nice to have it just in case. Everything you make here on out automatically has a failsafe. You may activate this failsafe to cause one of your creations to instantly spark and explode, melt into a puddle, or disassemble itself safely. The method of destruction and possible damage dealt can be discussed with your GM.


Level 16

Crtl-Alt-Mode – You are so overflowing with ideas that some of them leak into your work. When crafting, all your items have an alternate mode unbeknownst to you.


Level 18

Scavenging – When tearing down machines you can choose to Scavenge. Scavenging results in finding “Exotic Scrap”. Rare chunks of scrap that are charged with energy, but still compatible with the Multitool. 1 piece of Exotic Scrap can be used in place of up to 100 ordinary scrap.


Level 19

Harmonic Symphony – Your will has bound the Multitool to your mind and gifted you with a new function.


Remote Build - You can project a field of energy that wraps around the pieces and tools you require, allowing you to create and craft as if conducting a symphony. Crafting checks can be boosted with a Performance check.



Easy = 1 minute reduction, Average = 10 min, Hard = 30 min, Tough = 1 hr, Challenging = 8 hr, Problematic = 24 hr


Level 20

Unnatural Genius – Talent is something you are born with, Genius is something you discover for yourself. Your multitool has fused itself to your body, gifting you with some special abilities. To start, you gain a permanent +1 in Mentality or Charm (this can bring you above 9).


(Ultimate) Sudo Judo – You are now able to control the creations of others. To do so you must be within 7 sqs of the target and have at least 300 scrap.

For vehicles and mechas, if there is no one driving it, it will immediately come under your control as the scrap particulates adhere to it. However, if there is a driver you force that driver to make a contested Mentality check. On a failure you gain control of the device. You then may control it from your position.

For computers and automated machinery, you gain 3 auto hit dice on a non-VI operated machine, or 3 bonus hit dice if VI controlled.

For ranged weapons, once per round you may make a contested mentality check as a reaction against an attack roll to jam the weapon.




“Order is powerful, but tempered in the waters of Madness, reality can be undone. For as much as the forces of Arcane and Order refine they that work with it, Madness evolves its user beyond what they once were. To Greatness!”

- OB2


Level 5 spec

What Doesn’t Kill You – You know how to take advantage of a weakness, especially your own. Any status effect that inflicts damage on one or multiple turns also grants a point of “Pain”. Pain stacks equal to your level and can be expended two at a time to end any status on yourself. Expending 5 points of pain causes the status to be applied to the closest living entity.


Level 10 spec

Unchained Animation - You may expend 1 point of Pain to animate an inanimate object you can touch. The object will follow its designed purpose until given a command by you. The animation of an object can be undone as an extra action.

Note: Animating a large object or a complicated one like a vehicle takes 20 points of pain.


Level 15 spec

Piece of My Mind – The pain that grows inside you claws at the mind, begging to be released. When you deal damage, you may expend 10 points of pain to inflict the Madness condition on a single target within your movement speed.


Level 20 spec

Breaking Through – Your madness emerges in a twisting of yourself, be it a twisting of your mind, dress sense, or literal horns sprouting out of your head. This mark of your inner madness springing forth does not halt the pain within but multiplies it. Now you gain a point of madness anytime you take damage as well as having your capacity for Pain stacks raised to twice your level. You also gain a cursed touch. (Consult with your GM to create a suitable curse for your character.)


Example Curses:

Curse of Pain - Once every 31 days, you may plant a seed of madness in someone’s heart which inflicts them with the Madness condition for 1 round any time they suffer any other condition.


Curse of Recombination - In the chaos that is your mind, all things are relative. Once every seven days, as an action, you may inflict a burst of energy from all the realms that inflicts a curse on that switches the base class abilities of two adjacent people. This also switches all abilities that rely on that base class.


Curse of Neverchange - Once per year, you may curse a single target you can touch. Their Power, Finesse, and Vitality are reduced to 3 and cannot be changed. Their Max HP is 10 and any time they would take damage that damage is reduced to 1. They do not age while cursed and can only be freed by exposure to the realm of Everchange. When the curse is removed, their age catches up to them, their Virtue scores and Health Max return to normal, and they receive the full damages they would have taken.




The world is big, the galaxy vast, but you know to appreciate the small stuff. Whether it is micro-circuitry, micro-suturing, or micro-baking, you have a large advantage.


Level 5 spec

The Small Time – You have a lot of experience with making micro-adjustments. As such when making a skill check that involves working with extreme delicacy, you roll with +1 bonus die for every 2 points of Finesse your character has.


Level 10 spec

Speck-tacular Details – You have an eye for detail and an appreciation for the minute wonders of the universe. When making observation or investigation checks that rely on noticing detail, you make it at a difficulty lower. In contrast, you sometimes fail to notice the elephant in the room. When making investigation or intuition checks that rely on seeing the larger picture, you roll with no bonus dice.


Level 15 spec

Small Improvements – There is just never enough space, so you do what you do best. When attempting to craft, modify, or redesign something to save space, you roll with +1 auto success die.


Level 20 spec

No Wasted Space – Due to your appreciation for the small things, you know how to use the most of every nook and cranny. You are the master of “How Many Clowns Can You Fit In A Car”. Because of your spatial senses, you gain the Expertise: Observational. If you already have it, you double the effects.



Observational: You can tell within a slim margin exactly how much space a room has or how many hair lengths a crack may be. You gain an extra hit die to your Analysis and Investigation checks.




“If you can’t take the fight to them, let them come into your house and show them a good time.” Kevin McCallister


Level 5 spec

Battle Plan - Your plans are a cut above the rest. When making plans and laying traps, you do an extra good job. Adversaries are more likely to fall into your snares. Adversaries roll with -1 bonus die on checks to reveal your traps. When you make a crafting check for structures, do so with +1 bonus die.


Level 10 spec

King of the Fort - When constructing fortifications by hand (Walls, roofs, ramps, gates, etc), it takes you half the time it normally would.


Level 15 spec

Castle In The Sky - Your fortifications are superb in design as well as function. They have medium armor and HP equal to (20 + level + mentality).


Level 20 spec

Arcane Architect - Your magnificent structures are protected with an enchantment of Order. Non plasma or non arcane weapons cannot pierce the ordic energy barrier. Once hit by arcane or plasma ordinance, the field is broken.




When it comes to busting the bunker, nobody builds a breaching charge quite like you.


Level 5 spec

Grenade Generator - You are the master of your craft. And your craft is making nothing out of something. This something is a grenade and the nothing is oblivion.

You can craft a makeshift grenade from spare parts you pick up. It will do 1D6 damage by default in a 3x3 area. The crafting check when making a grenade can be modified with +1 to one die. Also, grenades take you half as long as anything else.

This also allows you to make rocket ammo.


Fire In The Hole- When throwing a grenade, you are practically an automatic pitching machine. It takes you a bonus action instead of an action to prime and throw a grenade. If equipped with a grenade belt, grenade attacks have the “sustain fire” attribute.


Level 10 spec

Boom Shtick - You've got your favorite weapon, but it needs some extra flair. And by flair, you mean explosiveness.

Pick one weapon, you overcharge or miswire the hurty dealy end. For example, if it is a ranged weapon, you tamper with the ammo loader to coat your ammo with a liquid plastique explosive when it is fired. A melee weapon will have its core hollowed and filled with a gun powder delivery injector with striking pins poking out of the blade. This upgrade now deals an explosion in a 3x3 area with each attack landing. This explosion deals a flat amount of damage equal to half your level.


Level 15 spec

“Everyone knows it’s a bad idea to take arcane crystals into another realm. It's dangerous to yourself and others. … That’s why I came up with a better way to do it.” -OB3

Cosmic Rift Grenades - Implosion grenade wrapped up in a gate drive activation coil. This baby shatters spacetime in a 5ft square rift that extracts an arcane gem of a random element. You always have one on you per session. You don’t know how.


Level 20 spec

Matter Regulator - You’ve managed to blend a nanite reactor to a positronic molecular disassembler, or in layman’s terms you have a near bottomless backpack. You can vacuum up components for later use. Leave something in the tank for more than an hour though and it turns to scrap. Leave something in for four hours and the scrap particles will entangle with the energy core resulting in an explosion the size of a small nuclear warhead.

New Posts
  • Plasmamancer "So there were five- NO, six! They were glowing brighter than a Celestia and putting out more energy than a tactical Ordic Planetary Incinerator on impact. I tried to get a read on their energy, but there was no arcana, no mana, and almost no manana! They threw bolts of energy and were tearing apart my armor with their eyes. When one of them pulled a cannon out of thin air, that's when I- GOT BLASTED ACROSS THE PARKING LOT- made my cunning escape." – OB-3, Protatype Thaumatech Crossing the battlefield, you see Soldiers, Field Knights, and even the odd hired gun or two. But there is rarely a sight quite like a Plasmamancer. Mastering the use of their own Bioelectric Field, these casters are able to channel or hurl plasma across the field with devastating efficiency. The most frightening part is that they are the only caster type that is able to perform these extraordinary feats without the need of an arcane connection. Starting Proficiencies: Weapons: Plasma Channeled Weapons, Archaic Melee Weapons Armor: Medium Armor Tools and Specials: Plasma Grenades Leveling HP: Upon each level up you add 1d6 (or 4) + Vitality to your max HP. Starting Items: A. 4 Carbon Knives or 2 Carbon Swords B. Energy Blaster or Caliber Rifle C. Synthetic Medium Armor D. Starting SC: 8d6 x 1000 E. +1 bonus level to Weapon Master Biomagnetic Field* – Through a connection to the mystic arcane flow of the central realm, a genetic abnormality, or some other reason you have a strong biomagnetic aura about you and have learned to use this gift to do more than stick spoons to your nose. You can use this gift to manipulate and generate high yielding fields that create raw plasma. Raw plasma differs from True Arcane Plasma, found in plasma weapons and used as fuel by most of the known universe. Raw plasma is a super energized state of matter found in lightning strikes, planetary auroras, and rare cosmic phenomenon that usually dissipates quickly. Abilities: Level 1 Going Through A Phase* – You can have a number of mundane charges equal to your vitality+level. These charges can be expended to manifest Raw Plasma, absorb existing plasma, and to utilize your biomagnetic field. The size and strength of your changes increasing at Levels 4,9,12,16,20 Takes 1 charge to excite your biomagnetic field, giving +1/2/3/4/5/6 electric damage to the next touch or melee attack Takes 2 charges to change the atomic state of up to 1x1/2x2/3x3/4x4/5x5/6x6 squares of plasma that you can touch.  Solid: If you create a magnetic field and collapse it around plasma, the plasma will collapse to half its size and become solid. Sufficient time, energy exposure, or physical interaction will cause it to energize again. Solidified plasma becomes gelatinous and smells like smoked ham.   Gas: By tugging on the surface of the affect plasma, it can be dispersed into a fog of energized particles. This fog covers 10 times the space of the original plasma and does 1 point of damage to anything moving through it. The fog can be ignited by arcana or energy ammo, causing an immediate 10/15/20/25/30/35 damage in addition to whatever damage or affect the ignition source would have caused on a direct hit. Hot:  If you create a constantly shifting field around the plasma, the plasma particle spin will increase over time. This will cause the plasma to generate constantly growing heat from the magnetic friction and the plasma will begin to radiate ions, giving off an immense amount of heat. At Level 9, it inflicts the burning status on adjacent beings. Cold: If you create an intense field around the plasma and cycle it counterclockwise,  the rotation of the plasma particles in the field is reversed. The plasma becomes endothermic, robbing heat from nearby sources, freezing it solid in 10/8/6/4/3/2 rounds.  Level 2 Plasma Bolt – You can cycle the biomagnetic fields surrounding your hands to create a small ball of plasma. It can be thrown your movement speed plus one additional square per channeled round charging it before it dissipates harmlessly. It deals 5 damage with an additional 5 damage per channeled round preparing it. Level 3 Grounding Rod – You can absorb plasma damage per round of combat equal to your Vitality. This ability has a two round cooldown when used and can only be used on attacks you can see or sense coming. Gut Feeling* - When you absorb plasma, you can try to fuel yourself further. For one mundane charge, you can attempt a vitality check to metabolize absorbed plasma to regain 2 mundane charges or to heal equal to the plasma damage absorbed. Level 4 Advancement Training – You have learned much about this world in your time training and as such have improved your abilities and skills. When reaching levels 4, 7, 11, 14, and 17 you gain 1 Virtue Point and 1 expertise. Level 5 Specialization – Your expertise allows you to branch out in many different directions. Choose a non-exclusive specialization from any class. These specializations level up at levels 5/10/15/20. Mundane Energy Sensing – You gain a way to sense and detect non-exotic and non-arcane energy such as body heat or electricity at a 30 ft range. How you sense it is something to discuss with your GM. Level 6 Power Up and Energize – All your manipulation of the natural forces around you has attracted particles of exotic energies. Select one of the following to attune your plasma to: Chronometric Particles - You can choose to charge a plasma bolt with chronometric particles that, on striking a solid object, creates a 1x1 square spatial gate. On its own, this gate deflects back any force applied to it, but if a second gate is opened the two will create a stable wormhole allowing safe passage through. If you create a third gate, that detonation will close the first active gate and open a new one. These gates last for up to an hour on their own before snapping shut. At Level 12, an open gate without a linking twin will automatically attune to the nearest open portal, if one is within range. Mistlight Particles - Your plasma bolts now hit like a freight train. For each round you spend to channel it, the bolt can push the target 1sq if they fail an average muscle check. For every round after the first you spend channeling it, your blast increases in difficulty to resist the knockback effect. At 12th level detonating a plasma charge into the ground will temporarily dispel Adareth mist from a 9x9 radius. Quantum Particles - Your plasma bolts can attract a surge of quantum particles that alter scale on three dimensions. You can choose to charge a bolt for one round and gather quantum particles. On a successful ranged attack, the target shrinks to a relative 10% of the original size but takes no damage from the plasma. Strength and speed are diminished in this form by a relative amount. A shrunken target, upon exposure to arcane or plasma energy, will lose the quantum charge and return to its original size. At level 12, you can choose to collapse a target on the axis of impact. This effectively reduces them to a two-dimensional entity, retaining size on two dimensions but having the third reduced to a fraction of a millimeter. A two-dimensional entity can only move side to side but will see and hear normally. This effect lasts under the same limitations as the full shrinking effect. Null Spells – Your manipulation of energy borders on magic itself. You have gained access to Null Spells. Null Spells are novice plasmatic effects that can be generated innately at the cost of 2 mundane charges by non-arcane plasmamancers. Arcane users can replicate these spells but they count as a spell class and difficulty higher. Level 8 Polarizing Harmonics - As an action, you can polarize existing magnetic fields or sections of magnetic fields within a range of squares equal to your vitality for one mundane charge. Outdoors, this can create an attraction field that calls a bolt of lightning after two rounds. Polarizing metal objects make them have an effect on calibur ammo, causing a +1 auto fail die on all attacks that pass within 2 squares and not made on the polarized object. If the polarized object is targeted, the attack is made with +1 Auto success die. Level 9 Plasma Builds* – You can create constructs with your biometal and charge them with plasma. Each construct listed below costs 3 mundane charges to manifest and a channeled check made each round to maintain it. Each construct has a two-round cooldown. You cannot have more than one construct at a time. Constructs are tricky, especially on the first build, the first crafting or arcanting check made for the intended build can go awry if the Plasmamancer isn't well equipped to use it. If you roll with less than a certain level of dice needed to properly build and/or use the device, you automatically get something else. If POW >5 = Plasma Greatsword; IFNOT = Plasma Lance if FIN >5 = Plasma Pulsewave Launcher; IFNOT = Plasma Pistol if INT >5 = Plasma Blaster Shield; IFNOT Plasma Grenade At level 18, a construct lasts until dismissed or another is made. Level 10 Specialization – You gain additional abilities in your chosen specialization. Magnetic Personality -  Your biomagnetic field allows you to control magnetic fields surrounding plasma, but they also allow for a great amount of control of metal on your person. Your armor contains traces of a natural biometal produced by your body like dandruff. They act like metal fillings with increased mass when magnetized. You can magnetize these bits to any metallic area of medium size or smaller and gain a single auto-success die on checks involving physical force. Level 12 Charge The Storm* – Plasma Bolts have proven effective but now you begin to tap into your true power. As a channeled action, you can charge a 3x3 ball of plasma as an action. You can throw it at the cost of your movement, up to a distance of your movement. Upon detonation, it deals your current number of mundane charges*1D6 of plasma damage to all entities in the effect radius of 9x9. This will drain all plasma charges and has a cooldown of 24 hours. Level 13 Enhanced Shielding – Your bioelectric field has strengthened to the point of providing a natural defense. You gain a natural +5 Shield Points, these do not stack with shield generators. If equipped with a shield generator you can expend 8 mundane charges to boost your shields. This boost will last for 12 hours, up to 5 SP becomes magnetically charged granting shields to melee attacks and a +1 success die to repel attempts. Level 16 Shield Disruption – The magnetic resonance you create disrupts shields. Melee attacks that hit a shielded target disable their shields for the next round. For the cost of 10 mundane charges, if your melee attack hits, it will destroy the shield generator on a shielded target. Level 18 Eye of the Storm – For 10 mundane charges, and as a channeled action, you can manifest a cyclone of plasma around yourself. This cyclone radiates your vitality in plasma damage in a 5x5 area. Attacks made against you while in the cyclone are made with -2 bonus dice and you cannot attack while in the cyclone. As an additional channeled action on subsequent turns, you can ride the current of the plasma. You can hover in the middle of the cyclone and move it at your base movement speed. This movement speed cannot be altered. Anything hit by the walls around the center of the cyclone takes your vitality + 15 plasma damage. This ability can be used once per session. Level 19 Heart of the Storm – You gain the ability to temporarily transform into the energy you control. You can expend your entire action to power up and on your next turn transform into a being of Raw Plasma. Doing so will consume any clothing or non-legendary items on your person. In this form, you can move at triple your base movement speed. When you move, you become a streak of lightning. When you stop moving, any living entities adjacent to your path must make hard balance checks or be stunned and fall prone. You have natural armor in this form that classifies as Tough. Once you take more than 5 damage in a round, after 10 rounds, or if dropped to 0 HP, you fall out of this form in exhaustion. You require sleep or inactivity of at least 8 hours for your physical form to recover or repair. This form can be dismissed as an action. Dismissing it does not incur exhaustion. Dismissing it expends all mundane charges. Level 20 *One With The Storm – You are now one with the awesome power you control. Your plasma bolts do double damage, and cannot be dodged. Your plasma charges can be channeled an extra round to be collapsed into a compact projectile that can be thrown without sacrificing your movement and can be thrown a range of 100 sq. Additionally, for 10 determination points, you can call a bolt of plasmatic lightning out of the sky that deals 10D6 damage to a target you can see. *The Nuclear Option (Ultimate) – You have a new world open to you in the form of anti-plasma. You can choose to use Antiplasma in place of plasma for any of your plasmatic abilities. Using Antiplasma cannot be absorbed by you and will atomize a target on a critical hit. Antiplasma comes from the realm of chaos and every use of it robs you of 1 random skill point. If no skill points are available, you will lose 1 judgment, then mentality, then vitality, then 5 max HP. Once your Judgement, Mentality, and Vitality reach 3; and Max HP has been reduced to 0, you die. Your memories decay and you cannot be resuscitated. Null Spells: (Your Mentality determines what the highest level spells you can know innately are.) (Easy = 4 M, Average = 5 M, Hard = 6 M, Tough = 7 M) Novice Rad Lights: Difficulty: Easy Range: 10 sq Duration: Instant Cooldown: 2 rounds You make a small ball of plasma and chuck it. It explodes as a harmless firework. If fired point-blank, anyone who comes into contact with it takes 1 point of radiation burn that will incur 1 point of damage per minute until treated or the radiation burns out. Magnetic Induction: Difficulty: Easy Range: 1 sp Duration: Instant | 3 rounds Cooldown: 2 rounds You attune a metallic object to your magnetic field. Channeling energy through this attunement creates sufficient heat in 3 rounds to melt a 1 meter wide hole through 1 inch of most Ordic laced alloys. Magnetic Levitation: Difficulty: Easy Range: Self Duration: 10 minutes Cooldown: 30 minutes You attune your biomagnetic field to the magnetic field of the planetary body you are currently on. This allows you to levitate 5 ft or 1 sq per round vertically. This does not impact your movement speed. Apprentice Arcane Deflection:  Energy cannot be created or destroyed, merely transferred. Difficulty: Average Range: Self Duration: Instant | 3 rounds Cooldown: 2 rounds You solidify the magnetic fields around your hands and stop any energy movement. This allows you to make repel attacks against a single ranged spell. Attempting to intercept, capture, or aim the redirection a spell or ranged magical ability raises the difficulty of the repel. Being hit by an attack will destabilize the deflection field, requiring a recast. ::Casting with four hands makes this a difficulty of Easy:: Magnetic Yeet: Difficulty: Average Range: Self Duration: 5 rounds Cooldown: 2 rounds You manipulate the magnetic fields around your legs to oppose and drive each other like an electromagnetic motor. This propels you forward, giving an additional +3 sq to movement and +2 to a single die on a dodge check made while under the effects. Taking damage ends the effect, requiring a recast. Magnetic Yoink: Difficulty: Average Range: 3 sq Duration: Instant Cooldown: 3 rounds You manipulate the magnetic fields around your hands and extend them to a metallic weapon in range and make a contested muscle check to tear the object away from its holder. Adept Sunshiney Day: Difficulty: Hard Range: Self | 11x11 AOE Duration: Instant | 10 rounds Cooldown: 2 rounds You excite the magnetic field in the lower atmosphere above you dispelling clouds and atmospheric interference. Cast inversely for the opposite effect. Acid Storm: Difficulty: Hard Range: 4 sq | 5x5 AOE Duration: 3 rounds Cooldown: 5 rounds You pull tears in the magnetic field of the lower atmosphere and let the radiation leaks form acid rain. The round after casting, the 5x5 area beneath the tears gets bombarded by a quick shower of acid rain dealing 2D6 acid damage and causes armor rot. Magus Ultimate Grounding: Difficulty: Tough Range: Self | 21x21 AOE Duration: 1 hr Cooldown: 1 round You vertically orient all conductive particles in the effect radius with a biomagnetic pulse. Any arcane energy cast within or through the effect radius is redirected immediately into the ground. Plasma attacks are made with -1 bonus dice. Energy attacks are made with no bonus dice. Any active enchantments in the effect radius cannot be furthered by channeling. Magnetic Barrier: Difficulty: Tough Range: Self | 3x3 AOE Duration: 24 hrs Cooldown: 2 rounds You solidify the magnetic fields around the hard edge of your aura and create a 3x3x3 cube. These magnetic fields block caliber, energy, arcana, and plasma attacks. After the wall stands for 1 hour, the magnetic fields flare with plasma and grow in intensity with each hour. The plasma walls damage grows from 3D6 to 20D6 of plasma damage over 24 hours. The heat inside builds to excess of 6000 degrees Fahrenheit over 24 hours, no energy is expended outward. At that point, the cube pops and fades in about 1 minute. ArM@g3dd0n::: Difficulty: Impossible Range: Touch Duration: ??? Cooldown: None It is known that if a powerful enough Plasmamancer were to reach a planet's magnetic pole, merely being there would be enough to cause havoc worldwide. Eloheim help those that live on a planet where a Master Plasmamancer decides to give the pole a good kick. ... ... ... ... ...