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Welcome to the Forum!


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It’s good to have you here! Feel free to share your tabletop adventures here with your fellow Veiliens. Share any homebrewed Veil of the Void race, class, equipment, monster, or spell in our homebrewing section. Discuss any and all TTRPGs and RPGs in the RPG Discussion section. For any questions in regards to specific rules or other questions, post in our Q&A section. Anything else that doesn't fit into those sections may be posted in the general tab :D More updates will be on the way soon as we begin our great journey into the Void and beyond!


Quick Rules:

Below are a few simple and quick rules that covers most everything posted.

  • Hatred (racism etc.) is not allowed.

  • Criticism is more than welcome since that is how we grow and improve as streamers, artists and designers; toxicity and disrespect are not welcome here.

  • Remember the golden rule: treat and respect others as you want yourself to be treated.

  • Please feel free to share your ideas and creativity, we encourage your ideas and your stories to be told. But, please stick to the above rules and always think before you post. If you do that, we will all have an amazing time here and grow this already fantastic community.


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  • You may need some character sheets other than those in the book or through the Kickstarter. If you need these character sheets you can find them here! Download the PDF, fill them out, print them out, and boom all ready to play Veil of the Void! Have fun exploring the universe Veiliens.