Nov 4

Underlord Dossiers: The Faceless One



Moniker: The Faceless One


Name: Unknown


Age: Unknown


Species: Unknown


Faction: Warp Lyht


Rank: Leader


Who is the Faceless One? During my travels throughout Riachtan I have heard many rumors regarding the leader of Warp Lyht. They appear to be quite the mystery to most individuals.

The rumors that circulate around this enigmatic being are quite interesting. However, I prefer to write in facts. We know that the Faceless One has been in command of Warp Lyht for roughly two-thousand years. This is a rather long lifespan for most individuals. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were an Ellân, though I have no evidence for this so I shall not make assumptions.


The Faceless One is also a shrewd business master and excels at covering their tracks. Next to the Sildia Merchantis fleets Warp Lyht is the next most profitable organization. This is not the best of news, however, as they are known to be dealing with the underworld trading markets. We know this to be true, so then why do we allow them to continue? Unfortunately, as stated before, the Faceless One and their organization are particularly talented in cover ups. There is not enough hard evidence to ever be provided that would allow the Star Council to act.


Next, we know that the Faceless One delegates each planet to an overlord; someone who watches and controls the designated area. They hand pick each leader and will assign them a planet or city under the Warp Lyht’s control. This makes it incredibly hard to link their criminal acts back to the Faceless One. We may have a chance to remove an overlord but this isn’t getting to the root of the issue; and that is what the Faceless One wants.


Now this isn’t to say that Warp Lyht is all bad. Indeed, some of their rulers are doing what they believe is best for their subjects; and in the occasional case this is true. I have seen some cities run by Warp Lyht that are more put together and equalized than several planets run by the Harmonious Coefficient. They are a mixed batch.


Finally, we know that the Faceless One never reveals who they are, hence the name. Even the highest ranking Warp Lyht overlords have no clue their identity. I wonder how they manage to keep their anonymity. Even those who have met them, and survived, claim to have no recollection of who they are. How can this be I wonder, what sort of creature are we dealing with?


Regardless, this makes for an interesting case study. I shall spend more time investigating this creature and the syndicate they run. Perhaps with enough research I will discover exactly who they are.


Case study recorded by Chief Inspector Zor Lightage