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Our sci-fi, fantasy, storyteller's tabletop roleplaying game Veil of the Void Reforged is now available for pre-order! Order now to save your copy for the June 2021 release! Start your stories today.

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Mimics are a defensive class specializing in Reactions. With quick thinking and their connection to the Realm of Reflection, they reduce incoming damage and launch an adversary’s attacks back against them. 


Combat Medics are healers, though focused more on health management than pure healing. Their unique weapons allow them to steal health points from adversaries (or themselves) and use those points to heal allies.

The spellcasting Mechromancer consumes the life essence of fallen adversaries to grow stronger. Storing this essence in their weapons lets them summon undead mechanical minions and cast potent spells.

The Field Knight is a mobile fighter that can take high damage. They begin with jetpacks and rocket boots, and high strength lets them drag adversaries along with them. With rocket-equipped weapons, they inflict more damage; and the more they hit, the stronger they get.

Naturalists are the spellcasting devout of Elanath the Eternal Queen (the Aspect of Life). She grants her followers a powerful book to summon the wrath of nature itself. They also specialize in summoning creatures and healing spells. Many of them can even manipulate the strands of fate itself as they grow.

Negotiators are talkers. They use their Manipulation Tactics to interrupt and distract adversaries while simultaneously assisting their allies. This class focuses on the power of their words and would rather talk through their problems.

Soldiers are cybernetically-enhanced fighters. They are proficient with nearly every weapon as their cybernetics grant bonuses based on what weapon they are wielding. Their corps give additional powerful effects as well as a few fun roleplaying aspects.


The Thaumatech is a spellcasting class that switches between elemental USBs: Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. The spells stored in their weapons can overcharge their casting power and damage. Opening a portal to the Arcane Realm can call down the most potent and dangerous of spells.


The greatest pilots and gunslingers are Smugglers. They attack before combat even begins, and favor debilitating ammo. They’re well versed in the holes to hide, the alleyway short-cuts, and where to sell not-so-legal goods.

Architects are designers and engineers that take scrap and bring their ideas to life. From the smallest chip used to hold credits, to a massive Mech suit, Architects build it all. Anything is possible with just a bit of scrap and an idea.

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The Celestia: Celestia are outer-dimensional beings from the Celestial Realm. Their bodies are like bottles containing a universe within. While each Celestia is an individual, they are all part of one of four greater celestial beings, each granting separate gifts and abilities. They do not require food, water, or air; and are immune to the environmental effects of space.

The Ellân: The Ellân are tall, muscular, warlike space “elves,” currently the most populous species. With lifespans up to 3000 years before fading out of existence, they are the longest-lived major species. An Ellân gains extra bonus skills and abilities based on age, but each age comes with a few disadvantages.

The Exiled: These beings are the memories of those who have passed on from this life. When a creature dies, their soul normally goes to one of two places. On occasion, though, memories of that individual will return to this plane. As consequence, an Exiled can be any species and gain abilities from other species. Exileds are a great way to revive a character that died or bring in a character from another setting or system. They return with fragmented memory; this allows them to be a different class than before.

The Humans: Humans are a varied group of individuals divided into Houses based on their talents. Humans possess unique trait lines based on their gift from Eloah. This blessing also allows them to instantly pass one check each day. In this universe, they are the newcomers to the galaxy, and the alien species to all the others.

The Korrians: Korrians are a species of tall, four-armed, forge-masters. Their phoenix-born blood can summon and manipulate the essence of flame living in them. Using this flame, they craft and forge items with great skill. They are also born with one of five unique runes that marks what family they belong to. They are stubborn and hardy, and are the second most populated species.

The Reapers: The Reapers are inter-realm beings, born in one of the six core Realms encircling the main Realm. Each is uniquely designed based on which realm they are from. They only share the ability to summon a strange and powerful weapon from their home Realm. There are six Realms from which Reapers are known to come: Arcane, Order, Reflection, Shadow, Presence, and Adareth.

The Protatypes: These beings are self-aware techno-organic robots of many different shapes and sizes. Though their form is an amalgamation of both technological and organic parts, Protatypes may transfer their conscience from their original body to a fully mechanized one. Owing enhanced adaptive capabilities to their technological advancement, they may pursue upgrades to their software or hardware.

The Topikin: Topikin are plant-like creatures, as diverse as all the flora of the Realm. A Topikin can be anything from a small flower to a towering tree, appearing as a walking plant or as a vegetative humanoid. Though they require no food, they need water and sunlight to survive. They have different attributes depending on which season they first sprouted.


Every rule in Veil of the Void is here to encourage storytelling and true character progression. Custom Classing, Expertise, Flavor, Skills, and Magic work together to give you your perfect character. Any idea, no matter how unique, can be made with our custom D6 system. Our rulebook even includes a whole chapter on how to homebrew everything in the game to help you craft your perfect idea. Everything you need is in one book!

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Our rules are designed to be flexible, and the classes follow that. At level 1 you choose your base class. This base class decides your HP (and HP per level), Starting Items, Starting Proficiencies, and most importantly your Level 1 ability. As you level, you may instead take an equal level ability from another class instead of your own. This leveling system lets you take full control of your class, making it fit whatever idea you have.


These are passive “feats” that really help shape your character. Each one grants your skills and abilities a unique feel. They are diverse and allow you to really flesh out who your character is. The best part about these is you gain custom ones as your character performs actions in the universe. Your character grows without even needing to level.


This is a major part of Veil of the Void. Everything in the game is encouraged to be reflavored to fit your character idea. Don’t want to fire a gun in the game? Perhaps instead you fire harsh words at someone or summon magical sprites that attack your target. If these inflict the same damage or outcome you can make it whatever you want! Experiment and have fun with it!


Skills are what your character uses to perform the checks within Veil of the Void. At character creation, and as you level, you get Skill Points to invest in those skills to level them up. That is not the only way to level your skills, however. As your character uses these skills, they begin to level up on their own, diversifying their own skill set. This gives true character progression.


Our non-vancian custom magic system is incredibly detailed yet flexible. Mages are encouraged to manipulate every spell and, of course, design their own! You are not limited by class nor magic realm. Everything is at your disposal as a mage. With 140 spells alone in the Core Rulebook, and rules to make your own, you will never run out of spells to cast!

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