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        Celestia are outer-dimensional beings from the Celestial Realm. Their bodies are like bottles containing a universe within. While each Celestia is an individual, they are all part of one of four greater celestial beings, each granting separate gifts and abilities. 

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        Architects are the individuals that bring their ideas to life. They tear apart their surroundings to craft powerful and useful items. Their art comes with a bit of danger, things are often apt to exploding, though this does not deter a master craftsman. Technological advancement always comes with its risks, Architects know this all too well and take it head on. What are a few explosions when it means the future of all kind?

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Every rule in Veil of the Void is here to encourage storytelling and true character progression. Custom Classing, Expertise, Flavor, Magic, and Skills work together to give you your perfect character. Any idea, no matter how unique, can be made with our custom D6 system. Our rulebook even includes a whole chapter on how to homebrew everything in the game to help you craft your perfect idea. Everything you need is in one book!

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