Veil of the Void is the perfect ttrpg for any storyteller out there, and to celebrate our 17th birthday, click the link below and use the code BDAY17 to receive 17% off the Veil of the Void Core Rulebook!!

"I’m not a table-top role-playing gamer; I don’t really understand the appeal. When I want to engage in a story, I write one myself, which is probably why I’ve always felt ttrpgs were restrictive. I’ve played some games with my friends, but I always felt like the character concepts I had in my head didn’t work with the rules. I tried one concept—a pure healer incapable of causing damage—in a few systems. Even though healing was the only thing I wanted to do, the character always seemed ineffective. When I helped beta-test Veil of the Void, I decided to give my concept one last try. I’m happy to say my character could come to life in this system, and she felt powerful despite her limited range of abilities. This game and the friends I’ve made playing it have shown me the love and excitement others feel for these games. I can finally say, 'I get it.'"

- Noble Grant