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Veil of the Void Prophecy is the first official supplement for the TTRPG system Veil of the Void Reforged! This new supplement introduces a variety of new rules for free, including the Divinials Species, the Prophet Class, new equipment, new general rules and clarifications, and a significant expansion on Veil's Space and Mech combat, as well as homebrewing!


The Divinials Species are angelic beings that traverse the lands of the Unseen. They battle against the demonic entities reforming in this land after dying in the realms. Their Ancestral Paths allow them to choose from a variety of unique wings, each with powerful abilities, as well as a natural flight speed. They are ancient warriors, gaining traits that allow them to start with extra skill, virtue, and expertise points at character creation. They are beings who will fight against the endless demonic hosts to prevent the dark prophecies of old from coming true.


The Prophet Class are beings that form a close bond and friendship with one of the many powerful Deities from the lore of Veil of the Void, such as Elanath, the Aspect of Life, or Silvana, the Aspect of Change. They act as the voices of their chosen patron, enacting their will within the Central Realm. They call down blessings and beseech their patrons for potent abilities. At level 5, players have the option to progress along various paths, including embracing the role of the Inquisitor, individuals tasked with combating widespread corrupted magic.


With the arrival of the Prophets, the ancient magic of Divine Spells returns as the deities can once again interact with the Central Realm. Anyone, regardless of class, who has a strong connection to a divine patron, can learn these spells and unleash their power against the corrupt. Unleash divine gifts to smite your adversaries or shield your allies with holy armor and heal their wounds. Additionally, this is the first spell tree that allows anyone to learn the Superlative level 20 spells!


All new equipment brings fresh effects and playstyles to the battlefield, ranging from a crossbow that transforms into a ballista to a set of dancing blades that whirl around your character! It also introduces a new keyword: Paired Weapons. When equipped with two paired weapons, you gain an extra attack action! Expand your arsenal to combat the threats to the galaxy.


Finally, we are introducing new rules for vehicles and mechs! Prophecy introduces the mechanics of Maneuvers: actions that players and adversaries can take while inside a Starship or Mech. Perform barrel rolls, overcharge the engines, and even clamp down onto the back of large space wurms! Every position on a starship offers new ways for team members to interact with each other. Prophecy also provides detailed guides and rules for creating your own starships and mechs! Bring your creations to life and soar among the stars in vehicles crafted from your imagination.


So much content is contained within 33 pages; we look forward to seeing what you create with it! This is going to be fun!

Veil of the Void Prophecy

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