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"Rumors of the Blade Dancers have been sung throughout history. They are elegant fighters on the battlefield, who strike at foes with a graceful fury. They carry with them the secrets of the art of quickly and effortlessly dancing between opponents. Their elegance is unmatched and their technique unrivaled.

Through the usage of their blade tech gauntlets, they can access and manipulate a pocket dimension that rests within their very being. This allows them to store, bind, and call forth powerful weapons. This device has helped speed up the process of blade-dancing, perfecting it to the finest of arts.

Each blade is an extension of its wielder. These blades are precious, each one a beautiful melody that plays with each swing. Every slice, every swipe, all of it makes one beautiful dance. It’s a difficult path to master, but once one learns to follow the symphony created by their blades they can do anything. They are truly a sight to behold, and a force to be feared, in battle."


The PDF copy of the Blade Dancer Class, Three (3) new Specializations, and a new Magic Spell Tree to use with Veil of the Void Reforged! This brand new class brings a fun and mobile new playstyle to the game. Each strike of your blade leads to the next as you fly over the battlefield, teleporting between targets in dazzling display! 

Blade Dancer Class

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  • This PDF cannot be shared online or posted to any website not approved by the creator. 

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