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The Berserker is the ultimate expression of a Godling’s power and fighting style when not constrained by the small amount of Order inherent in the Central Realm. A Berserker uses the power of Chaos to become a terror on the battlefield, not only to injure adversaries but to protect themselves and their allies.

The Godlings, aimless after the old wars, turned their boundless energy and lust for battle to hunting. Though they were not long amused by tracking and hunting the wild animals that populate this universe, they learned what they could from these animals, holding them in high regard and emulating their methods. Even today, though the Berserkers are not exclusively Godlings, Berserkers hunt wild creatures to hone endurance and skill.

Berserkers are known as terrifying opponents on the battlefield, not only to enemies but to allies as well. Allies keep their distance, for Berserkers often have no choice nor memory of their actions while Berserk. Under normal circumstances, a Berserker looks like an ordinary member of their species. When Berserk (or Enraged), they are the embodiment of Chaos in more than just action.


This new PDF includes a brand new Veil of the Void Yggdrasil themed class with three new unique specializations! Unleash Chaos on the battlefield and strike fear into the hearts off your enemies with this brand new class!

The Berserker Class

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